J Equity Partners

Dr. Ahmed Al Jawhary
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board of Directors


Dr. Ahmed Al Jawhary is the founder of J Equity Partners. He assumed the role of the Chief Executive Officer upon the Firm’s inception in 2011. Dr. Al Jawhary is also on the Board of Directors of the Firm since 2011. Throughout his professional life, Dr. Al Jawhary held executive and decision-making positions with a number of Bahrain-based financial institutions and Islamic investment banks and served as a member in several boards in numerous companies and investment funds, regionally and globally, across different economic sectors. Dr. Al Jawhary’s core expertise evolves around investment banking, private equity, venture capital, wealth management, and asset management. Prior to joining J Equity Partners, Dr. Al Jawhary was the Chief Investment Officer at a Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank, from its inception in 2005 until early 2011, during which time he was in charge of venture capital, business development and specialized and themed real estate investments. Dr. Al Jawhary was also part of the founding team that established another Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank in 2003, where he was Director of the International Investment Division, responsible for originating, negotiating and structuring private equity and real estate investments globally. Dr. Al Jawhary was also one of the founding members of the Bahrain Asset Managers Association (BAMA) in 2014, a professional body representing all the asset managers, wealth managers and different investment firms categories licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.  Dr Al Jawhary served as the Chairman of BAMA from its inception until 2019. Dr. Al Jawhary holds an MBA in Financial Services from the UK and a Ph.D. in Strategies for Foreign Investment and Multinational Corporations in Transitionary Markets from the UK.


Through our unique mandate and business focus,

Elham Al-Koohiji
Deputy CEO – Administration & Support
Head of Investment Division


Elham Al-Koohiji currently holds a dual role as the Deputy CEO – Administration & Support, and Head of Investment Division since May 2019. Prior to that, Ms Al-Koohiji held the position of Executive Director in the Investment Division since the Firm’s inception in 2011. Ms Al-Koohiji has over 20 years’ experience in investment business, and investment and commercial banking. Her current job responsibilities span the full spectrum of investment business, from deal origination, negotiation, structuring, documentation to post-investment monitoring across multiple jurisdictions. She additionally oversees the support and administration functions within the Firm, including finance, treasury, human resources and general corporate management. Prior to joining J Equity Partners, Ms Al-Koohiji held the post of Director in the Venture Capital and Business Development Division at Venture Capital Bank, where she served for over 5 years working on various green field and venture capital investment opportunities across the MENA region. Prior to joining Venture Capital Bank, Ms Al-Koohiji held managerial positions at Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and TAIB Bank.

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