The objective of the Firm is to create products and services that cater to the needs of private institutional and individual investors, family offices, foundations, funds, and other corporate investors from across the region, in addition to government and quasi-government agencies and bodies with investment and development mandates. J Equity Partners strives to give its clients access to the growing and rewarding market of Shariah-compliant financial services through customized and rewarding offerings.

Product and Solution Development

The Firm specializes in creating structured Shariah-compliant instruments that fill existing gaps in the Islamic financial product and services offering. Such instruments are custom- created to fit the specific business requirements, strategic direction and financial objectives of the Firm’s clients.

Small and Medium Enterprise Advisory

The Firm strives to fully incorporate the business and strategic objectives of its clients, with the aim of devising and implementing tailor-made solutions that deliver the required strategic and tactical results. These include restructuring, expansion and growth, access to resources and funds, or spinning off of promising business units into stand-alone success stories.

Asset and Wealth Management

The Firm offers comprehensive asset and wealth management services to high net worth individuals, family offices, and corporate clients integrating the various components of their respective portfolios in order to preserve, structure and grow their assets and resources.

Direct Investment

The Firm participates through direct investments in certain transactions that it promotes, seeking to capitalize on well-selected projects that are carefully screened to ensure rewarding results. The Firm seeks to identify opportunities that offer an outstanding business model and clear value propositions. The Firm focuses on markets that have well tested growth dynamics and a well governed investment framework.

Business Mandates