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Ethical, social and responsible investing lies in the heart of J Equity Partner’s value system; it is in fact where inspiration for many of our initiatives stems from. In recognizing the role that financial institutions play in propelling economic growth and improving standards of living by channeling investment to where it is needed the most, J Equity Partners works closely with organizations with developmental mandates across the region and beyond, such as sovereign entities, economic and development boards, foundations and development banks, on bringing to fruition socially responsible projects that both create value in their localities and deliver economic value.

Through our unique mandate and business focus, J Equity Partners has carved a niche for itself and introduced a visionary approach to business. Rooted in the values of Islamic Shariah and founded in the confines of a sound regulatory framework, J Equity Partners is bringing home pioneering financial practices and cutting-edge investment alternatives.

J Equity Partners draws its strength from its people and the value they bring to the table. The Firm is managed by a highly target-oriented team of financial services professionals with varied international expertise and in-depth local and regional know-how, having access to a vast network of institutional and individual investors, technical consultants, strategic allies and business associates. Boasting long and proven track records in creating value for clients and shareholders alike, our management team represents a diverse range of backgrounds allowing the Firm to originate, negotiate, structure, execute and monitor investments, transactions and projects across the MENA region and select geographies beyond.

Just as the Firm relies on the highest caliber team, our other stakeholders play an equally important role in its growth and success. The Firm’s existing shareholder base comprises of high net worth individuals and family groups that provide the support and direction needed to nurture and grow J Equity Partners into a formidable player in the financial services arena. Our shareholders provide local market knowledge and access, in addition to opportunities for business collaboration as J Equity Partner’s primary clientele.

Additionally, as an integral part of our modus operandi, J Equity Partners places great importance on creating the right consortia of associates, technical consultants, and business allies for the execution of its transactions. We seek to work with best-in-industry peers in co-structuring and co-managing certain investment products when such partnerships prove rewarding for the Firm and its stakeholders.

Dr Ahmed Al Jawhary
Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board of Directors

CEO’s Message