About Us

J Equity Partners is a Shariah-compliant investment firm based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Business Mandates

We cater to the needs of private institutional and individual investors from across the region.

Business Focus

We adopt both a sector-neutral and geography-neutral approach to our investment activities.

CEO's Message

Ethical, social and responsible investing lies in the heart of J Equity Partner’s value system; it is in fact where inspiration for many of our initiatives stems from. In recognizing the role that financial institutions play in propelling economic growth and improving standards of living by channeling investment to where it is needed the most, J Equity Partners works closely with organizations with developmental mandates across the region and beyond, such as sovereign entities, economic and development boards, foundations and development banks, on bringing to fruition socially responsible projects that both create value in their localities and deliver economic value.


Dear Client,

If you or any of your representatives are approached or contacted by any suspected person, or if you receive a suspicious email or electronic message, or come across a fraudulent cloned website that uses J Equity Partners’ identity, brand, services, content or material, please contact us immediately and/or inform the competent authorities within your jurisdiction. Please be advised that the Firm has no legal branches, subsidiaries or physical or virtual presence through any other entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad. Please beware of any fraudulent websites, activities and/or persons purporting to represent J Equity Partners.

We encourage our stakeholders to stay vigilant and scrutinize all forms of communication received by them to stay safe and protected.

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