J Equity Partners, Bin Faqeeh Education and King’s Group Announce Plans to Set Up and Operate a British School In Bahrain

Bin Faqeeh Education and King’s Group, the UK based educational group, have announced their plans to sponsor and invest in an educational investment platform that aims to set up and operate a British school in Bahrain that is intended to bring together the superior development capabilities of Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company and the quality and the depth of the education provisioning of King’s Group. The initiative is facilitated and structured by J Equity Partners, the Bahrain based Shariah compliant investment firm.

The school will cater to students from kindergarten to English grade 13, offering education as per British standards with a focus on delivering an integrated model that places added emphasis on Arabic and Islamic studies. The planned school, the development of which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2018, will have a student capacity of around 1500-2000 students. Upon receiving all the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant authorities and government agencies in the Kingdom, the school will operate under the King’s Group umbrella and carry the brand identity of King’s College – School of Bahrain.

Tapping into the development capabilities of Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company, the school premises will be purpose-built to the highest specifications to provide a nurturing setup that is conducive to learning and student growth. A strategically positioned parcel of land has already been secured for the project, located at the heart of Bahrain on the crossroads of the two main arteries of the country.

Bin Faqeeh Education is a dedicated Bahrain-based company that forms part of the portfolio of differentiated businesses spearheaded by Mr. Faisal Abdulwahid Faqeeh, a prominent Bahraini businessman. “Bin Faqeeh Education represents our premier venture into the education field, and we are very pleased to be taking this step along such an established and well-respected partner as King’s Group” said Mr. Faqeeh. “As a father and a businessman, I can see a clear gap in the market offering for superior quality education that prepares our children for global citizenship, yet instils a sense of pride in our language, religion and culture” he added.

“Having signed the cooperation agreement with King’s Group, we are now ready to take this idea from the drawing board to realisation” said Mr. Faqeeh. “Bahrain has always been well known for the quality of its workforce and the work ethic of its population. This starts with education, and our objective is to leave our mark on the education scene” he added.

King’s Group is a multi-faceted educational organization which is regarded to be a pioneer in the international provision of K-13 education at British standards. King’s Group currently operates 9 British schools under the brand name King’s College schools, spanning the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Central Europe and Central America. King’s Group was started by Sir Roger Fry, a well-respected contributor to British education within the UK and overseas. King’s Group continues to be privately held, preserving the core values it was founded on, while consistently evolving with changing educational needs. The Group aims to provide high quality British education that delivers a transformative learning experience across the Group’s schools.

“Having been at the forefront of British education internationally for almost 50 years, primarily in Europe and Latin America, it was only natural that we look to the GCC to continue our growth. It is with great pleasure that we begin this venture with Bin Faqeeh Education in Bahrain. We firmly believe in the future and potential of this wonderful country and are delighted to be in alliance with such a strong partner” Nicholas Fry, Vice Chairman of King’s Group commented.

“J Equity Partners specializes in the provision of bespoke advisory services and tailored business solutions and we are very pleased to be involved in this alliance of likeminded institutions” said Dr. Ahmed Aljawhary, Chief Executive Officer of J Equity Partners. “We see substantial value in the twinning of the breadth and capabilities offered by both Bin Faqeeh Group and King’s Group. As such, we have designed an integrated investment structure to host this ambitious project, capturing the core competencies of the sponsors of this initiative in a manner that strikes a balance between economic viability and achieving the desired social impact.” He added.