Business Focus

Business Focus

J Equity Partners adopts both a sector-neutral and geography-neutral approach to its investment activities, enabling it to pursue opportunities that offer the "best fit" across various economic sectors and multiple markets.

J Equity Partners , however, places added emphasis on the Small and Medium Enterprises sector globally, with a special focus on the regional Small and Medium Enterprises market. This stems from the Firm's belief in the great value and growth potential inherent therein. Small and Medium Enterprises are universally considered to be the engine of growth, the source of innovation and creativity, the means for job creation and a catalyst for economic change.

Below are current industries of interest to J Equity Partners , based on prevailing market gaps, future prospects and investor preferences. J Equity Partners industries-of-interest change with shifts in market dynamics, as the Firm strives to always remain relevant and current in its business focus and investment offering.


Healthcare & Wellness

Investment in healthcare and wellness is expected to grow manifold on the back of growing populations, lagging public sector alternatives, and an increased desire amongst the more affluent segments of society for higher quality of living

Numerous private initiatives have sprung up in recent years paving the way for a greater private sector role


Education & Training

Young populations in most developing countries, coupled with a more competitive job market and increased demand for skilled workforce are driving private investment towards the education and training sector

Education and training represent a top priority for authorities worldwide



The logistics sector is riding on the on-going project and infrastructure investment globally and the unprecedented economic convergence

The Region's historical importance as a passageway between East and West is framed by government-backed initiatives in several countries in the areas of infrastructure and logistics


Food & Beverage

Food security tops the agendas of nations worldwide on the backdrop of explosive population growth and scarcity of resources.

Subsidies, concessions, and co-investments have become commonplace practices as regional governments attempt to encourage private investment along the full length of the value chain



Opportunities are abound in the oil-rich countries of the Gulf for downstream industries, complementary sectors, and ancillary services that feed off and ride on the growth in the energy sector

The expertise and technical know-how brought by international players are expected to greatly enhance the productive capacities of these economies



Over the past two decades, the Region has made conscious efforts to reposition itself as a tourist destination, organizing major exhibitions, conferences and corporate events, in addition to hosting high profile sporting spectacles such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, among others.

With growth in international interest in the region and the resultant surge in traffic, as well as a concerted effort by regional governments to diversify sources of income, there has been an increase in the flow of investment into the hospitality sector to cater to the growing demand.



Geographically, the Firm places added emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in light of its growing economies, availability of promising business opportunities at attractive valuations, untapped market niches, as well as the Firm's own expertise and investor appetite.

The Firm has also been actively exploring, structuring and managing rewarding investment opportunities outside the MENA region, giving its investors access to selected efficient markets, such as the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and the United States. The Firm currently manages a sizeable portfolio of yielding operational assets in the United Kingdom for and on behalf of its investors.